We provide cash loans, and goods on credit, over a fixed period of time and at an affordable fixed interest rate with no hidden charges.

Provident Customers

We welcome paid-up Provident customers in the greater Dublin area
(North Wicklow, Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Louth)
Please contact our office on 01 453 4230 to arrange for an agent call.

Coronavirus Update

The safety of our customers and personnel is our top priority.
We are following government advice to help contain the spread of the virus.

Our offices are now open from 10AM - 1PM Monday to Friday and 2PM - 4PM Monday to Thursday.

Our agents are visiting customers at their normal times.
If you do not want an agent to call please let them know.

Alternative payment options are available (below) for you to make payments.

Each payment option requires you to provide your Surname and your Customer Number.
Your customer number is on the inside cover of your R&P payment card (top right).
If you don't provide this information there may be a delay in matching your payment to your account.

Online Bank Payment

  • You can make a payment through your online bank account.
  • Set up R&P Credit Ltd. as a payee (this only needs to be done once)
  • Use the IBAN IE41 AIBK 9313 6523 3682 64 and BIC AIBKIE2D
  • Enter your surname and customer number in the transaction comments.
  • Your statement can act as a receipt until we can mark up your payment card.

Debit Card Payment by Phone

  • To make a secure debit card payment by phone call 01 546 0813
  • You will be asked to key in the following information using the phone keypad
      R&P customer number
      Your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format (day/month/year). For example 02031970 is 2nd March 1970
      The amount you wish to pay in cents. For example if you key in 2750 it will confirm a payment of €27.50 back to you before continuing
      Debit card number
      Debit card expiry date
      Debit card security number (3 digit cvv) from the back of the card
  • Your card/bank statement can act as a receipt until we can mark up your payment card.
  • Only Debit Cards issued by an Irish bank can be used. Credit Cards will not be accepted.