R&P Credit is an completely Irish owned company that has been servicing Dublin and its surrounding counties for the past 30 Years. We work in association with a number of different companies to offer credit facilities for various items over a fixed period of time and at a fixed interest rate. R&P Credit are licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland and is a member of the Consumer Credit Association.

It is R&P Credits aim to be as transparent as possible with our charges. We have no hidden costs, that is why you will find a detailed outline of all charges on each of the services provided on all our documentation. It is also the policy of this company not to overburden its customers. If you find at any stage that you are having difficulty paying off a loan please let the company know as soon as possible in order to come to a more realistic repayment schedule.


These are some things to remember before you take on a loan with any company :

Do think carefully before entering into any credit agreement.

Do shop around, take nothing for granted, if you do not understand anything ask.

Do take care of all documents and receipts

Do ensure that you obtain receipt for all payments you make.

Do answer all questions truthfully.

Do use reputable traders or credit companies and remember never use unlicensed lenders        

Don't take on too much. It all must be paid back what if you become ill or lose your job.

Don't be taken in by free giveaway offers, they may not be as cheap as they look.

Don't sign any document unless you understand what you are signing.

Don't let the loan outlive the goods, think carefully before taking on long term loans. You will probably need other things in the future.

Don't ever hand over Social Welfare Books.




TELEPHONE:   01-4536913

FAX:   01-4532924


E.MAIL:   info@rpcredit.ie


R&P Credit Ltd Is Regulated by The Cental Bank Of Ireland